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John Dancey is John Dancey Remodeling & Custom Cabinetry - and that's a good thing.

About John

Hi, I’m John. If you’ve looked at my gallery pages, you’ve seen the visual “proofs” for what I’m all about - home remodeling, home design, and custom cabinetry.  These are your seeing-is-believing pages.

But home remodeling is about much more than just the end result; it’s also about a relationship. It’s about who can get you from your vision to reality.

What I’m not… and why that’s good.

There are a lot of large remodeling companies out there with impressive showrooms, professional sales people, and support staff to keep it all running.  And many of those companies do a great job. Even so, a pretty big chunk of your remodeling dollar goes to feed the overhead monster. What’s more, those different departments don’t always see your project the same way - the designer, the construction superintendent, and the chief financial officer all have different agendas. Who wins? Well...

Here’s what I do bring to your table… and why it matters.


Being trained in the fine arts and crafts - painting, ceramics, and furniture making - teaches a different way of seeing the world. The languages of color and texture and proportion and scale translate directly to home remodeling by giving us a way to see new possibilities. Design is where we begin to translate that vision into a workable reality that supports the way you and your family live.


Great design is only as good as its execution. As Anthony Burgess said, “Art begins with craft, and there is no art until craft has been mastered.” I have spent years refining my skills as a hands-on craftsman, and I’ll put these skills to work on your home remodeling project.

Building IQ

Good design and high-level craftsmanship are essential to a high performance house. But there’s more to the story. Homes are made up of complex and interrelated systems that must be designed to work together. Applying well-researched building science principles, even to historical renovations, makes your home healthier for your family, more energy efficient, and more durable. As a certified green builder, I make sure your beautiful home is also built smart, so that your house performs well today and for many years to come.

Construction Management

Construction management is a skill all its own. Financial and legal considerations, and the details that go into managing materials and sub-contractors, are extremely complex. One missed detail can lead to many days’ delay further down the road. And we have to wrap all these details around your own expectations - the natural and predictable feelings of highs and lows as the project evolves. While there is certainly some formal training that can help understand construction management processes, there is no substitute for experience when navigating the treacherous real-world waters of home remodeling and new construction. I’ve been remodeling homes since 1984; my decades of experience is your best assurance of a successful home remodeling project.

Value Management

If there’s one thing that sets me apart, it’s understanding how to create value. Even though I’ve always loved fine arts and crafts, I took my college degree in Economics from Trinity University. So from our first consultation, we’ll run all design and construction decisions through the value filter.

Often people (and contractors) see budget constraints as something that gets in the way of the best possible project. I see such constraints as liberating rather than limiting. Constraints of style, of size, of budget: these are good things. Constraints sharpen and focus our home remodeling efforts. In fact, if money is no object (and for some, it’s not), then we need to be especially careful that your remodeling project retains all the integrated elements of good taste.

Now, working to budget shouldn’t be confused with cheapening the project; remodeling on the cheap rarely creates value. But sometimes there’s another way, a better way, to accomplish your remodeling goals than with the original plan. For instance, it might make sense to add more square footage than originally planned because the return in per square-foot value is so much greater. However, it might actually be a better value to build smaller than you were thinking, but with greater utility and satisfaction than you could have imagined.

AND IT ALL COMES TOGETHER in a special synergy that just works.

Where We Work

My work - home remodeling, home design, custom cabinetry, new construction, and historic restorations - can be found in some of San Antonio’s most desirable neighborhoods, including Alamo Heights, Terrell Hills, Olmos Park, Inwood, The Dominion, and Fortaleza. I’m ready to serve you with home remodeling projects throughout the Texas Hill Country.


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John listens, and he cares about how my family lives. We talked with a number of other contractors, all of whom pretty much focused on square footage, amenities, and budgets, and almost acted like it was their house, not ours. John brought unusual insight, and asked lots of questions - about how the children played, how we interact at mealtimes, even our sleep habits. And because he spent so much time getting it right at the outset, the actual construction process came in within budget and several months quicker than anticipated. Most important, though, even after several years in the house, there’s hardly a thing we would change.

      - JOE WILSON
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