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Custom Cabinets & Architectural Details

Details Matter

Exterior and interior architectural details and custom cabinetry are the signature elements for your home improvement projects. These details are the elements of the house that we correspond with most intimately, the parts that most easily lodge in our memories of home. A cozy window seat, bathed by soft northern light, with a nook for a favorite book, pillow and reading lamp. A solid, handcrafted front door, with forged iron hinges and hardware, simultaneously secure and inviting. A hand-carved mantle that showcases growing family memories and hosts the trappings of passing holidays and seasons. Special cabinetry that represent the height of utility, yet resemble an inviting grouping of furniture rather than typical monolithic linear boxes.

Adding even a few very special architectural details to your home improvement project elevates the character of your entire home.

We design and supervise the creation of such special architectural detailing. Custom cabinetry is especially important in restoration work, or when building to accommodate elements in historical neighborhoods where we are seeking to preserve an established style.

Our special architectural details and custom cabinetry include:

Kitchen cabinets
Bathroom vanities
Custom fireplace mantles
Kitchen islands
Built-in bookshelves
Window seats
China cabinets
Custom doors
Media centers
Entertainment centers
Craft centers
Custom closets

Custom Cabinets Q&A

How are your cabinets any different from what I can get at Home Depot or Lowes?

The basic kitchen cabinet box has not changed in decades. But the way we use our kitchens has changed dramatically. We now have many specialized small appliances that live on our counter tops. To accommodate the way we use our kitchens today, our custom cabinets are typically 3” deeper than standard kitchen cabinets. While this extra depth makes using counter tops nicer, it also adds about 13% greater capacity to the lower cabinets and 25% greater capacity to the upper cabinets.  For every lineal foot of cabinetry, you get much more storage capacity.  Even slight deviations from standard dimensions can make cabinetry feel much more significant - our custom kitchen cabinets just look and feel special.

Many big box store cabinets are made of particle board, which are loaded with formaldehyde and which lack durability, especially when wet. Our cabinet boxes are made from hardwood plywood, and the faces and trim are solid hardwood. Using classic joinery techniques, our custom cabinetry is completely at home with the finest furniture.

  I especially appreciate the way John lavished attention on the details as he designed and built our custom cabinetry…unique styles that just cannot be found in stock offerings.

         - DAN M. BAGWELL
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