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John Dancy creates designs for...

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Design Q&A

Where do you start with a home remodeling project?

At the beginning, with design.

How important is design?

WITH GOOD DESIGN, home improvements can make your house more durable and energy efficient.

WITH GOOD DESIGN, home renovations enhance your lifestyle, today and tomorrow.

WITH GOOD DESIGN, your home improvements are more aesthetically pleasing, creating a timeless style that resonates with the life of its inhabitants.

In fact, dollar for home remodeling dollar, good design versus poor design could easily create a 20% swing in the value of your entire home.

I’ve got a lot of my own ideas. In fact, I’ve been planning this home remodeling project for years. How can we work together?

GOOD DESIGN IS HARMONIOUS. We’ll work together to create design elements for your home renovations that uniquely express your home site, your neighborhood, and your life. Your house should reflect your life and your vision for how you’d like to live. We help you capture that vision, confirm your instincts, and possibly help discover new possibilities.

I don’t have a creative bent. What makes for “good design” in home improvements?

GOOD DESIGN HAS A VOCABULARY ALL ITS OWN. At the end of the day, designs for home improvements must satisfy two requirements: does it work well (function), and is it beautiful (form). We’ve all been in houses that just feel right and look right. The way the house rests in its site, integrating and complementing natural features. The flow between and through its rooms. The way it captures and supplements natural light. The way it balances private and public spaces. The way it integrates movement between indoors and outdoors. Scale and proportion. Shadow and light. Movement and rest. Texture and color and dimension. All work together to breathe life into your new home or home remodeling project.

With design, it all comes down to this:

Design smart. Design beautiful

They did a great job working with the neighbors. The Wilson’s chose an exceptional designer in John Dancey, who really understands the character of the neighborhood.


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