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“John Dancey designed and built our house, which included an extensive array of custom cabinets and built-ins. While vacationing in the Bahamas, my wife and I were drawn to the unique architecture of the One and Only

Ocean Club at the Atlantis Resort. We wanted to meld its Coastal Plantation theme into our Texas Hill Country home site, which features some incredible vistas. John did a fantastic job of capturing our vision and built a very high quality home that I know will stand the test of time.

I especially appreciate the way John lavished attention on the details as he designed and built our custom cabinetry. John is an expert at combining off-the-shelf components with custom creations that result in unique styles that just cannot be found in stock offerings. Not only is the build quality very high, my cabinetry functions great and looks beautiful, a perfect complement to the unique style of our home.”

Dan M. Bagwell

“My wife and I had a particularly challenging remodeling project. All the connected social areas—living room, dining room, and kitchen—felt chopped up. We knew we wanted a more open feel to these rooms, but how to get there was another matter, especially because the kitchen was in such close proximity to the entrance.

We both had strong ideas that didn’t necessarily mesh, though we agreed that we wanted it “formally casual.” John did a great job of reconciling our different visions, and at times would lead us in new directions that worked even better.

We were very satisfied with John’s ideas, his thinking, and his communication. For example, John explained how scaling back in one area would free us up to choose a more high-end product in another area, and still stay within budget. Because John worked everything out on paper first, his estimate ended up being very accurate.

And the results were amazing. After knocking out walls and raising ceilings, John built back some wonderful details-architectural elements that not only offered tremendous utility, but also cleverly differentiated the spaces while still achieving the open feel we were going for. John just made it work, and work well.”

Stuart Adam

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